6 Reasons to Join a CSA


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Joining a CSA is like investing in a farm.

Prior to the growing season, you purchase a membership or ‘share’ in the farmer’s crop. This allows the farmer to buy seeds and supplies to grow the produce. Once the crop is ready for harvesting you begin receiving a regularly scheduled bundle of farm-fresh produce.


1. Eat Healthier

Being part of a CSA means you receive a bundle of fresh, seasonal veggies delivered to you each week. So not only will you be eating a wider variety of vegetables than you otherwise would, but you’ll be eating more of them. Vegetables are chock full of nutrients for you, and organically-grown ones are free of damaging chemicals and higher in antioxidants than those that are conventionally grown.

2. Significantly Fresher

If you’ve ever had a carrot straight from the garden, you know that fresh produce just tastes better. But not only that, fresh also means that the nutritional value is higher! Did you know that the moment vegetables are picked, their nutritional value slowly begins to decrease? (Some even faster than others.) That means, the longer the distance produce travels and sits in the store before it gets to you, the less nutrients it contains by the time it’s in your hands. CSA members get vegetables that have been picked and packed within 24 hours of delivery, giving you maximum freshness and nutritional value.

3. Sense of Community

One of the great perks of being a CSA member is the focus on community and connecting with like-minded people. Whether its congregating at pick-ups, connecting with recipes and cooking ideas, spending time in the garden together, or reading about the latest going on in our newsletters, CSA is all about connection. We love getting to know our members and we love having you be a part of our farm.

4. Supporting the Local Economy

When you buy local it means that more money stays within our community. Every dollar spent buying local generates twice as much income for the local economy. (Read “Buying Local: How It Boots the Economy.”) Money invested locally always comes back around and is an investment, not just in the company or person we’re buying from, but in our own community and families.

5. Knowing Where Your Food Comes From

With conventional foods, there are a lot of stops between getting it from farm to fork, and a lot of trust required that those along the way actually have your health and safety as their top priority. Buying local means you get to know the very farmer growing your food, you can experience their practices, ask them questions, and see for yourself how the food is grown. You can show it to your little ones too and help them develop a healthy relationship with food. Show them where carrots are grown, and that food doesn’t begin in a plastic bag. Being part of a CSA program provides you that connection to where the food you eat is coming from, and gives you assurance that it is in good hands from seed to harvest.

6. Cost Effective

Buying produce directly from your local farmer usually adds up to the same or less than buying your vegetables from the grocery store. While a CSA membership can feel like a lot of money upfront, it’s good value for your money over the course of the season, with countless benefits.  Boiled down, a CSA membership almost always equals fresher vegetables at a lesser cost.


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 Deliveries begin the middle of July and continue to the end of September