Experience first-hand how your food is grown while taking in the beautiful surroundings of Grey Arrow Farm. Garden Time Shares are a connecting and rewarding part of the CSA experience. This option involves 6-12 volunteer hours during the season (depending on share purchased) working with us in the garden alongside other members, and receiving a discounted membership.

  • Garden time shifts are 3 hours long

  • Shifts involve weeding on Saturday mornings in June and July, and harvesting Monday and Wednesday evenings in July to September.

  • Shift sign-up happens on a follow-up schedule that will be emailed out to you at the beginning of the season



Garden time can be accomplished by individuals or by families working together.  For example, the 6 hours for a Single Share could be accomplished by two adults working together for a 3 hour shift, or by an individual adult working two separate 3 hour shifts. A Double Share includes 12 hours of garden time.

  • Can I bring my kids with me when I come to work in the garden?

    Yes, we love to have the kids get into the garden to learn and have fun.  They will get dirty!  If your kids are young enough to need supervision however, please bring another adult along to spend time with them while you work in the garden.

  • What happens if I sign up for a share with ‘garden time’ but then can’t fulfill my commitment?

    If unexpected events come up that prevent you from fulfilling your commitment, you will be asked to pay the balance, equivalent to a share without garden time.  We appreciate knowing this as soon as possible as we rely on a certain number of helping hands, in addition to our own, to get the vegetables harvested and ready to deliver.

  • Can I bring my dog with me to the farm?

    Although we’d love to meet your dog, our cats and dogs aren’t used to having other animals here and can be very territorial, so please leave your dog at home.

  • Do I have to work in the garden?

    No, you have the choice of a share with or without ‘garden time’.

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for Summer 2024

“Doing garden time was one of the most refreshing things I experienced this summer. It was literally a breath of fresh air. It gave me an opportunity to separate myself from the troubles of life for a moment. Getting a little (a lot) dirty gave me a glimpse of the story behind the food I eat, and I now have a new-found appreciation for it.”

Becca Bouma, CSA Member

“Garden Time was like a little mom’s night out for me. Fresh air, a gorgeous farm and good, fun company. I just might have to sign up for an extra shift next year!”

Kristen Green, CSA Member

“It’s not that hard! I hummed and hawed about it when I signed up, but I’m really glad I did it!”

Marian Williams, CSA Member