Delicious vegetables and herbs grown naturally and sustainably.

Young family farm growing clean, healthy produce for our CSA, restaurants, and community — Camrose, Alberta

Welcome to our farm

We grow approximately 55 types of vegetables and herbs over 2.5 acres of cultivated land on our beautiful oasis here in the Alberta prairies. We use all-natural methods, and pride ourselves in growing the cleanest and safest food possible. We do not use any chemicals or fertilizers. We build our soil using compost, cover crops, and organic preparations. We control weeds with mechanical cultivation, hoes, hands, tarps, and flames. We combat pest issues through crop rotation, row covers, and strategic planting.

Community Supported Agriculture

CSA Program

Receive weekly fresh veggie bundles direct from our farm.


Camrose | Edmonton

Sherwood Park | Armena

“Each week the children keep a careful eye on the calendar and are excited when it is ‘veggie pick up night’. We really enjoy the abundance of items in our bins; some of which we have never heard of. We’ve become more creative and also found some new favourites!”

Jillian Wideman, CSA Member

“I love it. I feel like every week is a new veggie challenge for me… how to use all that beautiful produce.”

Leslie-Anne Chapman, CSA Member

“I’ve seriously never enjoyed veggies so much. I had never really eaten kale before, and I actually loved it!”

Haley Rude, CSA Member

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