Hello 2024 Garden Time members,

We are looking forward to having you join us in the garden this summer! If you clicked on this link that means you have signed up for a Garden Time share. Anytime now you can head to the button below and select your shifts.

  • Just a reminder:

    • PERSONAL SHARE, the volunteer requirement is 3 hours (1 shift)
    • SINGLE SHARE, the volunteer requirement is 6 hours (2 shifts)
    • DOUBLE SHARE, the volunteer requirement is 12 hours (4 shifts)
Hours can be fulfilled by individuals or by families working together. (Example: The 6 hours for a Single Share could be accomplished by two adults working together for a 3 hour shift, or by an individual adult working two separate 3 hour shifts.)

Please Note:

  • The sooner you claim your shifts, the more dates you will have to choose from as they tend to fill up fairly quickly.
  • Please don’t add your name under dates that have already been filled up as this creates problems on our end (we do rely on a specific number of helping hands for certain days to accomplish the work most efficiently). Write next to the numbered lines only.
  • If you unexpectedly can’t make your shift or need to switch dates for some unforseen reason once the season has started, please let us know as soon as possible so that we aren’t left in a lurch. We will do our best to accommodate the circumstances.
  • If for some reason you are unable to fulfill your Garden Time commitment, you can send a substitute to complete your shift hours for you, or simply pay the difference.

What type of shifts?

All shifts are 3 hours long

  • Spring Saturdays

    Involves planting + field prep (helping to lay out tarps and irrigation lines) out in the garden. Prepare to be on hands and knees, working alongside us in the dirt.

  • Summer Saturdays

    Involves weeding out in the garden. Prepare to be on hands and knees, working alongside us in the dirt.

  • Monday/Tuesday Evenings

    Involves a combination of picking, washing + packing of vegetables. You may find yourself kneeling in the dirt finding new potatoes or picking items such as carrots or beans, spraying off vegetables at the outdoor sinks or weighing/packing containers for the cooler.

  • Fall Harvest Saturdays

    Involves fall harvest + field cleanup. We will be picking items such as pumpkins, squash, potatoes, and root vegetables, washing and preparing them for winter storage. Also helping to pull up tarps and irrigation lines and remove greenhouse poly. Prepare to be on hands and knees, and work alongside us in the dirt.

“Doing garden time was one of the most refreshing things I experienced this summer. It was literally a breath of fresh air. It gave me an opportunity to separate myself from the troubles of life for a moment. Getting a little (a lot) dirty gave me a glimpse of the story behind the food I eat, and I now have a new-found appreciation for it.”

Becca Bouma, CSA Member

“Garden Time was like a little mom’s night out for me. Fresh air, a gorgeous farm and good, fun company. I just might have to sign up for an extra shift next year!”

Kristen Green, CSA Member

“It’s not that hard! I hummed and hawed about it when I signed up, but I’m really glad I did it!”

Marian Williams, CSA Member